About Yiwen Sun

     Yiwen Sun is a 26 years old artist who always wants of conveying her concepts and the joys of virtual world-building in her inner mind in a visual way, and the wish of making more people see her imagination motivated her to become a concept artist.


     To make a step closer to a professional concept artist, Yiwen is currently enrolling in the Academy of Art University in San Francisco as an international student living in California and is working on her Master's degree in Visual Development, focusing on concept art for games. The environment of the art school helps her a lot in enhancing her passion and idea, while the education, training, and team projects granted a significant improvement in her painting, observation, and team working skills.


     Yiwen Sun would love the opportunity to work as a concept artist or 2d artist in general in a team in the States. To become a skilled artist that brings new powers to a team and to get to know the concepts and artworks that people are interested in are the two career goal that Yiwen want to achieve in her early career life. Working opportunities in the industry are sincerely appreciated.